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Sandwich de Dinausore a dit…

J'aime beaucoup les boots ! Et j'aime bien ton rouge :)

Gwen'a'elle a dit…

j'aime beaucoup ton maquillage avec le rouge, ça fait poupée de porcelaine : j'adore !!

moonstruck-expose a dit…

Ah! Those hightops are so so so so so adorable! I must get those!!! Ha! Do you know who made them!?!! You should rock them with black tights and some little jeans shorts!!! Too cute!!! Adore your blog honey!!! Thanks so much for stopping by mine! :)
I am so happy to have discovered yours now! It is fantastic!

I am following you now!!! :)

moonstruck exposé

x. juliana

SARAH a dit…

My sister's shoes is from ASH!

Thank you very very very much!! :)


moonstruck-expose a dit…

Ah, typical. I have like 6000 pairs of shoes from ASH- I live for that line. Might have to snatch those- Love love love em. I also love that braid in your hair and the shot of you looking up. Great candid. You look gorgeous. ps- do you have a follow bar anywhere on ur page?-

or is it just the regular follow button up at the top of the page? Ive already followed you there of course :)

x. juliana

moonstruck-expose a dit…

OH NO, HONEY! You need a little friend follow box! It is really simple to add. Ok, I am going to tell you how to get it!! :-) Hopefully you can translate this if it's confusing!

1. Click the word, "Design" at the top right of your page.

2. On this page you'll see a bunch of boxes, click one that says "ADD A GADGET"

3. Then you will see a list of different things to add to your page, you will see "FOLLOWERS" click the symbol that looks like this, "+" next to the words, "FOLLOWERS".

4. Then click the orange button that says "SAVE".

5. Then in the new window, click, "SAVE" again!!


You will then see the little followers box come up and you'll begin to see the number of friends that follow you on your page- which is more fun. :)

moonstruck exposé

xoxooxoxo. Juliana

Petite L. a dit…

Ton blouson est top! D’où vient-il ? :)

SARAH a dit…

Merci merci, c'est un Maje! :)

Emma a dit…

nice outfit, love the jacket and cute clutch purse with that awesome print

Lice a dit…

Tu es toute jolie, cette coiffure te va à ravir et chaussures je les kiff, elles sont originales et j'adore! bisous

Anonyme a dit…

Jolies tenues!! j'aime beaucoup ;)

Rosa Pel a dit…

j'adore ta veste!